From the Society’s beginning, the central and most basic activity of Conferences has been visitation of the needy in their homes. Home visits symbolize our commitment to reach out to those in need, rather than require them to report to an outside service site. In the home, people feel most free to confide their stories of struggle. Vincentians are asked to listen, offer humble advice, and render assistance.

Vincentian visitation to the needy has always been  done in pairs for the safety of the person and the members. This precedent was set by Christ himself, when he sent out the Apostles two by two (MK 6:7.) Today, the Society wisely continues this tradition in the interest of safety, liability and priority.

Person-to-Person Support

Through person-to-person service, Vincentians provide hope, help, encouragement, and spiritual assistance.

If material needs are identified, the society provides financial or other support  and/or referral services as appropriate.

Assistance May Include

stressed about financial problems, with invoices and calculators


When needed, the society may provide emergency rent, utilities, or financial assistance.
cropped view of woman holding tin above cereals in zipper bags, food donation concept


We provide food and grocery assistance to homeless and low-income Oklahomans.
Coins, banknotes in money jar and box with donations


We help to provide clothing, household goods, and various other items as needed.
Comforting each other!


We strive to provide loving and compassionate interest in individuals.